You are invited to be our guest every Sunday @ 10am at Amherst Elementary!

Hosted at Amherst Elementary School

Meeting in the gymnasium every Sunday @ 10am

New Sermon Series starting January 5th

Worry, Stress, Grief, and Anxiety

Most people who have never experienced the power of overwhelming and life-altering emotions, rarely understand how intense they can be. Of how they can bring a person so low they feel completely unloved and unlovable.

What is critical to understand is that our bodies response to stress is a "normal" response. We respond and react to the tension, pressure, and difficult times in our life, but at times we feel powerless and out of control. The emotional trauma we have encountered can be very difficult and devastating. But, you are not at a total loss.

There is hope! There is healing available to you!

Is this series right for you?

  • Is your life out of control?
  • Do you seem to constantly worry?
  • Is grief overwhelming you?
  • Do you have anxiety attacks?
  • Have you ever thought about suicide?